Russian intelligentsia





Thereare a number of aspects that Zubok raised that seem incomplete hencewelcoming questions while others are hard to understand. In page 299,Zubok indicated that among the leftist intellectuals, there was awidespread sense that the history had betrayed them. I would like toZubok to elaborate further how the history betrayed theseintellectuals since after that statement he just went on discussinghow certain intellectuals after learning seized to do what they wasexpected of them. (Zubok, 2009). Zubok also mentions the Jews in verymany instances. He just indicates how they were denied rights and soforth.

Page313, reveals the Jews as intellectuals and carrying of activities.The author, however, did not illustrate the main responsibility ofthe Jews in that context and why they were being denied the right ofemigration. Zubok could have indicated the exact roles the Jews wereplaying the Russian revolution. In page 314, the author indicatedthat most people ended up in Israel. He also noted that some peoplebelieved that the only way for the preservation of values of theRussian community was dependent on emigration (Zubok, 2009).

Fromthe above discussion, several questions arise: How can values beprotected by dispersing them? How did history betray the Jews andwhat was the impact of this betrayal? Why does the author keep ondiscussing about the problems experienced by the Jews and how doesthis relate to the main themes in the book?

Quote:a lot of kids are tired of politics if it just means empty speechesand crusades (Zubok 2009, p.315).


Freedomis my point that I would like to discuss about to night. There arenumber of reasons as to why the driver is always determined to putinto the fire. One of them is numerous conditions while he is payingthe driver he pays them on daily basis. Freedom is a very essentialthing. The main reason of choosing freedom was because there is nowhere one can survive without freedom. Most of fiercest communitieswere fighting for freedom (Zubok, 2009). I have found the analyticalactivism to be very interesting even more than the other concepts.The concept tends to use the intuition in offering a solution to thedifficult problem problems of the activists. In a formal way, it canbe termed as the use of an analytical method in achieving activistobjectives.

Theconcept has equipped me with a notion that thinking outside the boxwill automatically offers a solution to a number of issues. If thiswas my last paper I would be impressed by the fact that I have triedto touch the core aspect that is responsible for peace restoration inthe world (Zubok, 2009). If people could have equal rights we couldnot be fighting. Teaching the world this is one of my achievementsthat would give impression. The well developed nations such asGermany, china among others had a secret that if we try tostandardize the rights of all people irrespective of their origin,peace will be realized. As the role models of the entire world theyneed to raise their fight against acts of racism since they have thepotential of tearing the nation into two.


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