Saudi University Students Learning English


SaudiUniversity Students Learning English

SaudiUniversity Students Learning English

Theimportance of language learning cannot be understated as far as thegrowth and development of any country is concerned. Languages becomeparticularly important in the age of globalization where numerousparties from one part of the world to another. In Saudi Arabia, alarge number of students have been going to foreign, English-speakingcountries either for education or even on tourism and employment.This necessitates that Saudi University students take up Englishlessons in an effort to enhance their flexibility in the globalisedworld. However, not every other strategy can be employed in impartingEnglish lessons on University students. This project seeks tocomprehend the strategies that have been explored in the pastregarding English learning among Saudi University students, with theaim of determining the most effective one.


Volumesof literature have been written regarding English language learningin Saudi Arabia, where such a skill is still considered prestigious.It has been acknowledged that a large proportion of Saudis take upEnglish as an avenue for obtaining better jobs. More often than notSaudi Arabian children start learning English when aged 12 ingovernment schools and continue with it up to the age of 18 (Wong &ampNunan, 2011). This is carried out primarily through memorizationwhere they are provided with passages that they are required tomemorize even though they never comprehend the meanings or even themanner in which the sentences are formed. Unfortunately, a largeproportion of literature has only explored this without coming upwith substantive strategies that can be used in learning the languagein Saudi Arabia.


Variedresearch questions will be explored in the dissertation. First, whatis the most prevalent LLSP (Language Learning Style Preference) inSaudi Arabia university students that are studying English major?Second, which are the most prevalent strategies for vocabularylearning that the Saudi students use in comprehension? Third, isthere a link between the use of vocabulary learning strategies andthe performance of the students in writing? What teaching strategiesare most effective in meeting this need for vocabulary learning?


Theresearch objectives of this proposal were to explore the learningstrategies that have been employed in Saudi Arabian universities, aswell as the feelings of the students regarding their application.Indeed, it also aimed at investigating the vocabulary learningstrategies that students use in comprehension, as well as the variousstrategies that teachers apply to impart vocabulary knowledge inSaudi students. The study will also attempt to connect the strategiesthat are used with the learning style preference so as to come upwith insights from the same. In addition, it seeks to comprehend theeffectiveness of the said strategies in enhancing learning amongstudents.


Inthis research, it is more feasible and cost-effective to explorethe literaturethat has already been written regarding the subjects. The universitylibrary and special collections, coupled with the archives will comein handy in providing volumes of knowledge regarding the mostappropriate strategies, their application and how appropriate theywere. It is imperative that the strategies do not necessarily have tohave been applied on Saudi students but in other parts of the worldwhere English is spoken by a minority. As much as this literaturewill form the basis for the research, a qualitative researchtechnique will be carried out using questionnaires so as to obtainthe views of the students regarding the effectiveness of the variedtechniques.


Wong,L. L., &amp Nunan, D. (2011). The learning styles and strategies ofeffective language learners. System,39(2), 144-163.