Setting Educational and Career Goal

SettingEducational and Career Goal

Whenit comes to choosing a career, it is critical to make certainconsiderations such as the remuneration expected from the career andeducational requirements among other things. These aspects aresignificant in setting up of a career since they help in pursuing acareer with certainty. Besides, it also increases the motivation forworking in a certain career field. Through checking out theinformation provided by labor bureau, it is possible to determine thecareer to choose since the data from the labor bureau is in aposition to make some projections.

TheU.S. Bureau of Statistics has indicated that some occupational groupsgrew by a minimum of 2% from 2006 to 2010. These occupational groupsare projected to have a continued growth through 2020 theseoccupational groups include healthcare support, healthcarepractitioners and technical, computer and mathematical, personal careand service, life, physical, and social science, as well asprotective service. The chart indicating these projections is asshown below

Source:U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics

Onthe other hand, management occupations have been projected to add aconsiderable number of jobs between 2010 -2020. Managementoccupations have been projected to comprise the third slowest growingoccupational group. Despite this occupational group being projectedto have a slow growth, this occupational group did not experience adecline in employment from 2006 through 2010. Therefore, thisoccupational group has been indicated to have stable employment.

Whenevermaking a choice concerning which occupational group to choose or toenter, it is critical to observe the trends of the occupation groupsthat one is considering having career in. Data from the U.S. Bureauof Labor Statics shows that management occupation group has higherremuneration compared to that of other occupational groups. In caseone was to consider having a career within the different occupationgroups, management occupations would be the best to consider since ithas the highest remuneration in comparison to other occupations.Management occupations have been indicated to have a mean annual wageof $110,550. Although the management occupation group is indicated tohave a slow growth in terms of employment, a person entering themanagement occupation group would benefit by having a high income.Another benefit that one can have by choosing to enter in themanagement occupation group is that it is possible to have a steadyjob this is according to the projections of the U.S. Bureau of LaborStatistics. However, healthcare support occupation has been projectedby the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to have an increasingemployment growth. This is an indication that a person choosing toenter the healthcare career would have a benefit of being absorbedexceedingly fast into the occupation.

Therefore,given different information concerning the occupation groups, theirsalaries, and projections of their growth, it is possible to makeinformed decisions on the education and career goals. For example,the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can be used inestablishing or making a decision concerning the career to enter. Oneis likely to choose a career that would allow him/her to earn highincomes, as well as a career that would offer steady employment, orthat has a rise in its growth. Besides, when it comes to makingdecision on the education goals, a person would determine his/hereducation based on the occupation group that he/she wants to join.For instance, in case one makes a choice of entering in thehealthcare occupation, the education goals must also align with theoccupation chosen. Furthermore, the education goals are also ofsignificance when making the decisions concerning the occupationgroup to consider because a minor and a major in a certain field havebeen indicated to have different remunerations for certain occupationgroups.

Itis important to offer guidance to younger students concerning thecareer they choose. This is because research has indicated thatdifferent careers are likely to attract different incomes and growthrates. When choosing a certain career, it is important for a studentto determine the future projections on the job availability or jobgrowth. This is because sometimes, a student may choose a certaincareer only to lack employment opportunities in the future. it isimportant to do enough research in order to identify careers thathave a growth in employment opportunities or that have the potentialof offering steady employment opportunities. Another area that is ofimmense importance, when guiding a younger student concerns the issueof the major that a student chooses. When making a career choice, itis always important to know which major would offer an opportunity ofentering into a career of choice.


Educationand career goals are exceedingly vital because they usually determinehow much an individual would earn. In making career and educationchoices, it is important for an individual to use any relevant datasince the data can help in making the best decision concerning one’scareer. For example, projections from the labor statistics can beused in making crucial career decisions.