Slavery Slavery



Colonialmasters and entrepreneurs imported slaves to America during thecolonial period. They found it necessary to use outsiders for theirlabour supply. Their quality cooperationfacilitated the realization of desired objectives(Carson, 2011).The objective of this paper is to make an analysis of the brutalityof slavery in America and the effects it had on African Americans

Thecolonial masters transported Africans form their motherland to act asslaves in America. They found it necessary to use the cheap form oflabour that could not be compared to the American manpower. Brutalityforced the slaves to act as per the wishes of the colonial master.They were forced to execute the different tasks as part of theirobedience(Carson, 2011).The way in which they performed different tasks adhered to thestipulated intentions in realizing a better output. The slaves werenew in America. They could not afford their way back to the Africancountries. They had to work under the harsh brutality in meeting thedemands of their masters. Quality output was realized in thedifferent productive abilities due to the extended force used.

TheBrutality during the slavery period caused great physical andpsychological pain to the slaves. African Americans had to come upwith different approaches in dealing with the pain they went through(Carson,2011).The physical and psychological effects have been passed on to thedescendants. The physical features for the African Americans aredifferent from the rest of the true American descendants due to thetorture they went through. Their behavioural patterns are differentbecause they live as per their colonial masters’ introduction toAmerica.

inconclusion, slavery brutality shaped the physical and psychologicalattributes for the African Americans. The way in which they interactwith the rest of the Americans resulted from the slavery that theywent through.


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