Brutalityof in America and the effects it had on African Americans

Brutalitythat was associated with slavery in America is still remembered inthe current time. However, how slaves were treated was dependent onplace and time. Slaves faced rough treatment that ranged fromexecution, degradation, whipping, and rape (Rodriguez, 2007). Toprevent rebellion, slaves were not allowed to become educated. In anumber of states, religious gatherings were proscribed as a responseto rebellions (Rodriguez, 2007). Nevertheless, such meetings werepermitted only in the presence of a white person. Punishment wasexecuted through various means. They included beating, imprisonment,whipping, mutilation, shackling, and burning (Rodriguez, 2007). Inmost cases, the slaves were punished due to alleged infractions ornoncompliance. Slaves were also abused by their masters who aspiredto become dominant. For instance, they whipped pregnant women whiletaking caution not to harm the unborn child. Women were viewed asproperty, something that resulted in sexual harassment and rape.Medical care was offered by fellow slaves or relatives ofslaveholders. In additional to this physical abuse, slaves alsoexperienced psychological distress.

AfricanAmericans were greatly affected by slavery. They went throughpsychological trauma and physical abuse (Gray, 2013). It was causedby the punishment as well as the sexual abuse they received in thehands of their masters. Some even succumbed to this. Involuntaryexodus, which took place in form of sale of family members, wasevident. The separation destroyed their relationships with theircommunity members, as well as their marriages. African American’sslaves provided free labour to their masters (Gray, 2013). Theyworked long hours while giving minimal time to their individualneeds. After giving birth, women were required to return to workalmost immediately, something that was not good for their health.


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