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It is agreeable that majority of the problems that are faced by theAmerican society today are as a reason of the weakening of the familyunit. It is evident that the initial intended aim of a family was toraise individuals with morals and the virtues of beings who cancomprise a moral society. However, since the 1060s, this has not beenthe case. The sanctity of the family has changed drastically with theinception of the same sex families and the changes witnessed infamily roles (Clark, 2011). There have been significant changes infamilies since the 1060s. One of the primary changes is theintroduction of same sex marriages into the family system. This wasimmoral and unacceptable in the society in the 1960s. However, todaythere are numerous same sex marriages. It is also evident that thefamily roles have changed. Whereas in the 1960s the women were meantto remain in the house and look after the children, it is evidenttoday that there are men who remain in the house to look after thechildren.

Another change in the family system since the 1960s is the elementof children. It has become evidently clear that children are nolonger considered as blessings but also as financial burdens. Thesechanges are as a result of access to education by women and thesubsequent jobs. Women are forced to work late and therefore men haveno choice but to care for the child. There has also been the issue ofinsufficient source of money for families (Clark, 2011). This impliesthat children are extremely hard to raise hence they become a burden.

The changes in the family have definitely made the families weak.There have been various perceptions regarding the same sex marriages.Whereas some people may agree with same sex marriages, othersdisregard and consider it as immoral (Peterson et al., 2013). It isno longer the families that are the source of morality and virtues inthe society. The failure by men to provide for the family has alsomade the families lose meaning.

It is essential for the families to adopt the changes that are beingexperienced. Additionally, it is essential to realize that the timeshave changed. Today’s homosexual families must be recognized andrespected in society.


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