February28, 2015

Solutionand Advantages

Frompart one of the assignments about a problem exists, it is evidentthat a problem exists in the Transportation Security Administrationof the United States. The problem of deaths of people due toinsecurity, increased pollution due to emissions, congestion due toinadequate infrastructure and corruption to mention some are majorproblems facing the TSA of the US. The problems need agent solutionsto improve the social, political, and economical aspects of the US.Hence, the paper discussesthe advantages derived from the solutionsto social, economic, political and equality.

Detailedviable solution

Themost viable solution is for the government and the TSA to developmeasures that will help reduce the effects the problems have on theenvironment. These effects include climate change, pollution of theenvironment, congestion, corruption, and insecurity. For instance,there is need to use non-fossils fuels in attempt to reduceenvironmental pollution. As noted by Radtke (2000), it is evidentthat emissions of fumes from automobiles contributegreatly to theenvironmental pollution. There is need for the United Statesgovernment to carry out studies to come up with new ways of curbingpollution[ CITATION Gkr06 l 1033 ].Thesolution of insecurity that led to three thousand deaths can besolved by increasing funds by the government to the security sectors.This in return will facilitate the resourcing of explosive detectionsystems, biometrics, and electronic pass to increase the security andcurb the problem of terrorism.

Accordingto (2000), the other solution is for the government to improveinfrastructure to reduce congestion. This is achieved throughinvesting in research that in return will analyze the best way todeploy and improve the US infrastructure. The improved way of abetter method of investing in technology resources like that ofrailways, subways, and airports. Finally, it is the solution of needto include the private institutions by the government. Since thepublic contracts most tenders, there is high rate of corruption(Radtke, 2000).However, by the inclusion of private sectors thegovernment will be able to monitor the activities of transportdevelopment leading to improved infrastructure. Hence, in curbing theproblem that does exist solutions like increased fund to securitydepartment is required. By the government including the privatesectors in contracts, the government reduces corruption and enhancesequity in terms of tendering. Additionally, the government throughthe transportation security administration will improve the UnitedStated infrastructures to reduce congestion, achieved by deployingand investing in new technologies like that of airports rails andsubways.

Advantagesof the Solutions

ReducedEnvironmental Pollution

Pollutionhas a great negative impact to the environment. For instance,increased fumes from automobiles leads to increased air pollution.This in return affects the O-zone layers, which are responsible toregulation of temperatures. Pollution continues to affects theclimate, leading to global warming[ CITATION Sei14 l 1033 ].Additionally,it affects the clouds, which are responsible for formation of rains,andwe end up getting acid rain instead of fresh rainwater. Theseeffectshave a negative impact on human being, as it tends todeteriorate the human health. However, through the solutions,environmental pollution is reduced. Reduced pollution has a positiveeffect to the economy society and the environment at large. Reducedpollution implies that the environment is fit for human beings. Dueto clean environment free from any sort of pollution, there is cleanrainfall free from acid. In addition, there will be no globalwarming, which leads to droughts and many other related effects thatare as a result of global warming.

Reducedpollution leads to improved heath of human beings. This implies thatthe society is healthy to contribute to the economy of that nation.As well, the cost spent in treating the human beings is channeled toimprove the economy of the nation. Additionally, through reducedpollution, global warming is reduced which in return affectsagriculture positively (Smith, 2000).

Advantageof Reduced Congestion

Smoothmovement of people and vehicles under the department oftransportation has a great effect to the economy, equality andethical as well as to the social aspect. By reduced congestion,people are able to reach their destination like places of work intime and goods are able to reach where they are demanded on time.This is an advantage to the economy as it facilitates fast movementof goods to the destined place. Producers are able to produce thegoods and they easily reach the consumers[ CITATION Rob05 l 1033 ].This tries to balance the demand and supply of goods, which in returnimprove the economy of that nation. From the saying, ‘timeis money’ people are able to save the time they spend in congestionand channeling it into important use. Through this, they are able tocontribute positively to the economy of that nation. The advantageaffects the social relationships of the employers and employeespositively. Congestion creates an avenue for late reporting at workplaces. This makes the employers to feel that employees are takingthe advantages of their resources while coming to job late. Thisfeeling may lead to misunderstanding, which in return affects therelationships of the employers and employees.

Advantageof reduced congestion leads to improved, moral behaviors. People willnot tend to overtake others in the name or trying to penetratethrough sides to overcome the congestion. For instance, two-waytraffic congestion is always from one side in the peak hours. It ismorally unethical to use an opposite route in attempt of gettingoneself from the congestion. This any a time has led to accidents.Through reduced congestion, every individual is termed as equal.However, when there is congestion VIP people tend to be favored, thuscreating inequality in the society which is not good.

Advantageof Reduced Corruption

Corruptionis reduced through government involvement of private sectors inmatters of tendering. Sometimes it is hard for the government tosupervise itself. However, when the government allows the privatesectors to participate in tenders, it increases its potentials ofsupervision. This in return reduces the level of corruption, hencecurbing the problem that does exist in the transportation sector. Thereduced corruption in return has positive effects on the economy ofthe nation, as it increases the moral behaviors create room forequity among all people in the nation and it does affect theenvironment to mention some. The advantages create an avenue forequity in a manner of considering the private sector as well intendering process. Private sectors will perform better in theirtenders because they are aware that they are under supervision.However, even though they are under supervision, they will standequal chances when it comes to tendering awarding. Moral and ethicalbehaviors are improved through reduced corruption. Corruption in anation is a social unethical behavior and deterioration of moralbehaviors (Smith, 2000). Corruption leads to unaccountability ofpeople’s actions. For instance, from assignment one a problemexists as due to corruption. The government sector that isresponsible in tenders is not responsible for the tenders theycontract out. They are not responsible for their actions of adheringto the tenders that they contracted, hence the reason for still poorinfrastructure. Corruption is associated with politics. People withpolitical influence affect the tendering process. They tend to favortheir friends when giving tenders opportunities to gain politicalfavors in time of campaigns. What politicians sometimes fails tounderstand is that they need favor from the entire society in time ofcampaign and they will attain it by treating all people the same intime of tendering (Smith, 2000).

Theeconomy of the nation is affected positively due to reducedcorruption. As the government gives equal opportunities to theprivate sectors in the tenders work is done more than, if the tenderwas granted to the public. In return the infrastructure of the nationis improved which in return affects the economy positively[ CITATION Rob05 l 1033 ].Economic sector acts as abackbone for any nation. Many times, it is hindered by corruption andby reduced corruption it implies improved infrastructure. People areable to report to their destinations as well as goods. Improvedinfrastructure, which is because of reduced corruption as well,encourages business people to invest more in business, hence creatingjobs that in return improves the living standards of the people dueto improved income, hence improvement of the economy of the UnitedStates (Smith, 2000). A corruption free nation creates a betterenvironment for the nation. It means if people are given tenders tocontract automobiles that are free from fossil-fumes they purchasewhat they are told. If given tenders they to as required. It willmean that, the environment that results is the one free frompollution, an environment with better infrastructure. In return, thiscreates health environment for citizens free from pollution relateddiseases[ CITATION Gkr06 l 1033 ].The improved environment will then create an avenue for improvedeconomic standards, improved social relationship.


Theadvantage of enhanced security is paramount. People are able to livepeaceful without fear of terror. They are able to improve theirinvestment because they have faith that the security is high.Enhanced security affects the economy, the social lives ofindividuals, the environment, and political aspect of the nation. Itaffects the economy in a way that it attracts business people toinvest in more business. As business people increase their business,they want people to assist them hence creation of jobs. As if notenough job, employment increases the income of people, which leads toimproved living standards of people. As well, it improves the economyas it reduces destructions of say buildings and business to mentionsome during the time of terror attacks[ CITATION Fre02 l 1033 ].Enhanced security on the other hand leads to stabilized politicalnation. A safe nation, which is not faced with terrorism insecurity,has political stability. Insecurity affects the politics of nationsbecause politics is all about the majority. Death of people impliesfailure of insecurity.

Enhancedsecurity as well increases the social relations. For instance, theterrorism action, which leads to thousands of deaths, affects thesocial lives.There are people who lost their families and wereaffected negatively. However, with enhanced security, citizens areassured of security of their beloved ones hence improved sociallives.


TheTransportation Security Administration is a government agency withresponsible for security of passengers and the overall wellbeing ofthe transport sector. It is without doubt that the advantagesdiscussed above will go a long way to ensuring the social- economicwelfare of passengers and Americans, in general. The disadvantages ofTSA include insecurity, congestion, corruption, mistreatment andenvironmental pollution. This section discusses the possible demeritsof TSA and their solutions.

Problemof insecurity

Securityis an important factor in any activity. Passengers ought to beassured and confident that they are safe as they travel to theirrespective destinations. However, laxity and arrogance of someofficials of the TSA have led to increased insecurity cases. Some TSAofficials fail to scan luggage that may contain explosives or bombsthat pose a threat to the lives of passengers. The TSA is just aSecurity Theater. It is a monopoly that has no motivations to enhancetheir screenings. (Hill, 2011). The TSA has not got a solitaryterrorist since its commencement. The now notorious &quotshoebomber&quot and &quotunderwear bomber&quot were not halted by theTSA. These terrorists were rather stopped via aerial shuttletravelers. An exposed TSA report found that security screenersneglected to discover fake bombs covered up on covert operatorsacting like air transport travelers in more than 60 percent of tests.(Elliot, 2008). TSA screeners at the Los Angeles InternationalAirport missed around 75 percent of empowered explosives and bombparts that the covert analyzers stowed away underneath their garmentsor in their luggage.

Tocombat the problem of insecurity, TSA should work and share securitydetails with other security agencies to facilitate the collection ofintelligence reports with the aim of the fight against terrorism.Cutting-edge technology can be used to screen people and theirluggage in a more efficient yet ethical manner. This will help toreduce the cases where terrorists make their way into public means oftransport to carry out their ill-intentioned agendas.

Problemof corruption and mistreatment

Ethicalpractices in screening passengers are of importance. There is a needfor TSA officials to carry out inspections in a manner that does notsexually harass people. However, TSA operators are additionallyblamed for having abused travelers, and having sexually badgeringpassengers, having utilized intrusive screening techniques, includingtouching the private parts, including those of children, removingnipple rings with pliers, having hunt travelers or their possessionsdown things other than weapons or explosives, and having stolen frompassengers. The TSA discharged 28 specialists and suspended 15 othersafter an examination had decided they neglected to output checkedstuff for explosives.

TheTSA was likewise blamed for having spent luxuriously on occasionsdisconnected to air terminal security, having squandered cash inhiring, and having had conflicts of interests. As a solution to thisproblem, the government should place strict codes of ethics andenhance awareness of rights of passengers. The government should alsobe vigilant on corruption cases in TSA by carrying out regularfinancial audits and performance appraisal. On the part of thegeneral public.


Securityaffects the environment positively. There is no effect of emissionsfrom the bombs thatterrorists use when they attack. Consequently,buildings that could have been destroyed due to insecurity to causeenvironmental injuries are reduced. Moreover, it is important for TSAto observe work ethics in screening people. Proper technologicalscreening devices that do not infringe on the rights of individualsought to be used.

Itis evident that the advantages that arise due to the solutions of theproblem are many. The solutions improves the economy of the nation,they improve the social relationship of the citizens as well asimproving the political aspect. The solutions improve theenvironmental conditions as well as improving the moral behaviors ofthe citizens.


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