Student Academic Achievement


StudentAcademic Achievement

StudentAcademic Achievement

Throughoutthe course period, I found the course notes very important incompleting the assignments. For example, using the notes on thephilosophy and foundations of adaptation framework you cansuccessfully complete the assignments at the end of each topic.Project teamwork was also essential in researching on the casestudies, as well as, understanding the Roy’s adaptation model (Roy,2009). Class discussions were very important in identifying thevarious components of the adaptation framework. At first, it was hardfor the students to understand the nature of the adaptation and itsapplication to nursing practice since the lecturer dictated notes inclass. However, the interaction between the lecturer and the studentsmade the leaners understand the concepts much better. Thesediscussions and class presentations also made the learningenvironment lively and students admitted that they understood thecourse notes better, unlike when they read the notes on their own.

Understandingof the Roy’s adaptation model was a great academic achievement. Atfirst, the model was hard to comprehend, but, after engagement inclass discussions the model became simpler. The model requiredcritical analysis of its distinct modes and how they are applied innursing practice (Roy, 2009). It, therefore, meant that the studentshad to research more about the model in groups. These groups enhanceddiscussion, which finally made the students comprehend the model in asimpler language. Additionally, the course notes enabled students tobecome familiar with the portfolio system. At the end of courseperiod, many students managed to create their portfolios and uploadthem. In summary, at the end of the course period, many of the courseobjectives were achieved, but, the achievement was facilitated by theclass readings, project team work, discussions and presentations.


Roy,C. (2009). TheRoy adaptation model (3rded.). New Jersey: Pearson.