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Prejudiceand Discrimination

Discrimination,as explained in unit 3 slide 2, is a social issue when a pattern ofunequal treatment systematically affects people. The cycle ofprejudice and discrimination is well elaborated in the slide 4 andthree of unit 3, topic 3. The cycle shows that there is so muchconnection between prejudice and discrimination. This is wellreflected when the minority groups have more power as opposed tomajority.This leads to the majority being prejudiced anddiscriminated. This cycle explains that prejudice do causediscrimination. Majority groups are discriminated and which leads tosocial disadvantage or imbalance. There is competition for scarceresources which makes the whites to discriminate against other races.At the same time, the growing number of other communities isperceived as a threat to the minority who have more power and theirsocial status is high.

Thiscycle is well elaborated in unit 4, topic 4 where there are too manydiscrepancies in employment sector. Since ancient times up to now,the percentage of white people that are employed is way above otherethnic groups. More than 50,000 median house hold income favor thewhite people as compared to 35,000 for black people and approximately40,000 for Hispanic people. This clearly shows that there isprejudice as well as discrimination even in the percentage growth ofvarious ethnic groups.

Ineducation sector, discrimination is well illustrated through racismand gender disparity. More white people are favored over blacks,Hispanics, Asians and North Americans. Both in public and privateschools, there is dominance of white people over these other races.Between 2000 and 2010, there are more whites that attained degrees ascompared to other ethnicities. In criminal justice, statistics showthat people from other ethnicities do not get the required justicesas compared to whites.