Sugarcane and Human Civilizations

Sugarcaneand Human Civilizations

Sugarcaneand Human Civilizations

  1. Proposed Title

Thispaper will seek to investigate, analyze and present the interactionsbetween sugarcane and human civilizations.

  1. Research Question

Thisarea will cover the main question that the paper will answerconcerning human civilization and sugarcane. The question covered inthis area is exploratory enough to give a good research paper. Themain question covered here is “what are the interactions betweenhuman civilization and sugarcane?’

  1. Proposed thesis statement

Thissection will advance a precise statement of thesis. The thesisstatement will be an explanation of the conclusion. The thesisstatement will be focused, debatable, entertaining. The paper willtend to explore the interactions between human civilization andsugarcane.

  1. Background Section

Theinformation here allows the reader to become familiar with yourchosen plant. This section explains why your topic is interesting toa general audience and how it is relevant to your thesis. Make sureto use your own words and include in-text citations in this section.

  1. Research and Information Section

Informationpertaining sugarcane as a plant will be provided. In this sectionconnection between sugarcane and civilization will be exploredthrough the years. In carrying out the exploration, furtherconnection between the plant and other human factors like race andgender will be explored. Additionally, historical information ofsugarcane will be explored. The topic will be made as interesting aspossible. Relevant arguments concerning sugarcane will be presentedwith appropriate evidence. Thesis statement will be supported in thissection.

  1. Reference list

Thissection will give cited in-text references using APA guidelines. Thereference will be inferred as they appear on the in-text citations.