Teaching English Overseas Website Review


TeachingEnglish Overseas Website Review

TeachingEnglish Overseas Website Review

TheEnglish language has been one of the most popular and commonlanguages in the contemporary human society. Indeed, the increasedglobalization has made it more of a necessity to have perfectknowledge of English in an effort to enhance communication in a largenumber of countries. While this may be the case, it is oftendifficult for individuals in certain parts of the world to accessEnglish learning services or even have individuals that can take themthrough the basics and dynamics pertaining to English language.Essentially, this gap has been covered by the technologicalinnovation that is the internet, which allows individuals fromdifferent parts of the globe to communicate and share ideas. Theinternet has come in handy in enhancing the learning process ofvarying individuals from different parts of the world throughwebsites specifically set for that purpose. This is the case for theCIEE Teach Board website.

TheCouncil on International Educational Exchange has its main mission asassisting individuals have proper comprehension, develop skills andacquire knowledge that would allow them to live in a globallyinterdependent as well as culturally diverse world. The websiteoffers paid teaching positions in a number of countries such asVietnam, South Korea, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, China,Thailand and Spain, where university graduates seeking opportunitiesto teach English abroad can get themselves in the foreigncommunities. Of particular note is the fact that the opportunity isnot only offered to University graduates but also retirees andmid-career professionals seeking a change of pace or rather a properway for exploring the world and still undertake sharing and learning(CIEE, 2015). Apart from the requirement that the individualpossesses a bachelors degree in any subject, it is required that heor she has an excited, kind and patient attitude that would inspirestudents.

Oncean individual chooses a particular country, information would come upregarding the country, its history, the varied civilizations thathave interacted with it, as well as what is exciting about it. On thesame note, a tab regarding volunteering in the chosen country wouldcome up offering insights on a volunteer-program and how one canapply and be part of the same.

Thiswebsite incorporates quite a huge volume of information regarding theservices that are offered as well as how an individual can apply. Atthe bottom of the page, there is a link to a page that explains therequirements for any individual who seeks to take the opportunity. This page also has a video that explains the entire CIEE teachexperience, as well as an interactive tool that would assist anyinterested individual in choosing the most appropriate location forhim or her (CIEE, 2015). However, the interested parties would needto log in so as to apply for the positions. Perhaps one of the mostappealing things about this website is the broad nature of theinformation that is presented there. Not only are there differenttools that present information regarding the programs and thewebsite, but also incorporates an interactive platform that wouldallow individuals to communicate with each other and share ideas andexperiences regarding the program as well as the manner in which itsquality could be enhanced.

Inaddition, the website incorporates a facility that allows individualsto compare the programs. The efficacy of the website is underlined bythe ease with which one would do this as one would only need to dragthe name of the program and country into a compare box. On the samenote, a “whereshould I teach”link takes an individual to a page where he or she can match hisgoals with the location most appropriate to him. This allows for theselection of the most appropriate location and programs.

However,like every good thing, there is a weakness to the informationpresented in the website. Indeed, as much as it comes with an elementof fullness, it is short of information regarding whether the ninecountries are the only ones eligible for teaching or it is in thesecountries that the teachers would be sent. In addition, it should beclear whether there is any way that the person can influence theareas where they can be posted or even any special differences in thecosts and remunerations for the same. This would be important inmaking decisions regarding whether or not to take up the opportunityor even where one should apply.

Similarly,perhaps it would be nice if there was a forum to interact withindividuals who have already taken up the opportunity. As much asentities aim at sending the message that everything about them isgood, it often appears fishy and unbalanced that not even a singlenegative comment or bad experience from individuals already in theprogram. Essentially, it is imperative that they incorporate acomment section where anyone can put a comment even anonymously so asto offer a balanced review of the program and the website at large.

Inconclusion, teaching is an extremely gracious profession that allowsindividuals to share their experiences and pass on knowledge in otherpeople. It is often the case that some parts of the world may nothave sufficient numbers of teachers. However, even when there arequalified individuals, there exists little information regardingwhere opportunities lie. The internet has come and closed this gapthrough availing such information to individuals who seek it as isthe case for CIEE, a website offers paid teaching positions in anumber of countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, Peru,Chile, Dominican Republic, China, Thailand and Spain, whereuniversity graduates seeking opportunities to teach English abroadcan immerse themselves in the foreign communities. The websiteincorporates numerous programs and features that aim at providing themost comprehensive information regarding the opportunities. However,it could actually do with a comment section where individuals whohave tried the program can air their views on the same.


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