The Advanced Passenger information system in Dubai


TheAdvanced Passenger information system in Dubai

On11 March 2015, there was a conference in Dubai. It had a line-up of24 speakers from 12 countries, which included the representatives ofACI and IATA. HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who is thePresident of the Dubai Civil Aviation system, Chairman of the Dubai`sAirports and the Chief Executive of the Emirates airline and groupopened the meeting. The dignitaries noted that the DubaiInternational Airport was the first airport in the United ArabsEmirates to implement the use of the Advanced Passenger Informationsystem. According to Leyla Hareb, the assistant director of strategyand international affairs, it only took two years to develop andimplement the system relative to other countries where theimplementation of the system takes ten years. The Sharjah Airport wasannounced as the second airport to implement the policy later on inthe summer (Securitywith Advanced Passenger information system 1)

TheChief operations officer of the Irish national carrier spoke aboutthe advantages received by his Airline through Dublin and Shanon bybeing able to operate a pre-clearance system with the United StatesCustoms and Border service. As a result, the airline recorded a 20 %increase in passengers who took the North American services andincreased passenger experience created positive customer feedback(Securitywith Advanced Passenger information system 1).

Insummary, the Advanced Passenger information reduces the complicationsin security procedures faced by passengers as they deal with airlineoperators in different countries.

Ifeel that the system will aid in detecting fake documents used bypassengers before they land in the United Arab Emirates. It is asignificant step in minimizing human trafficking and terrorism inspecific.


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