The Bank of America Checking Accounts

TheBank of America Checking Accounts

TheBank of America provides two types of checking accounts that includethe core account and interest checking account. The core accountsuits a customer who uses direct deposits and seeks for a simplestraightforward personal checking account. Further it charges amonthly maintenance fee of only 12 USD with a waiver upon meetingseveral requirements such as achieving a one qualifying directdeposit of 250 USD or more, maintaining an average daily balance of$1500 or more. Finally, if the customer is a Bank of Americapreferred rewards client. It applies only to the first four checkingand savings accounts.

Thechecking account suits people who keep high balances with an aim ofaccessing multiple interest accounts that have complementaryservices. It charges a $25 monthly maintenance fee with a waiver uponmaintaining&nbspaccount balances of $ 10,000 or more. This includesaverage daily balances for the statement cycle in eligible linkedchecking, savings and money&nbspmarkets savings accounts amongstothers. In addition, it offers three additional interest checkingaccounts and four saving accounts with no monthly maintenancefee&nbspamong&nbspothers. Additional&nbspbenefits include onlinebanking, limitless access to thousands of ATMs, options to add asavings account with the keep change savings program and an abilityto customize checks with their my expressions designs.

Thecore account would serve me best on direct deposits and a checkingaccount. In addition, I would easily qualify for the waiver thatrequires a direct deposit of a $ 250. I would also be able tomaintain an average daily balance of $1500 to obtain a waiver for themaintenance fee.