The Effects of Sorority Life


The Effects of Fraternity and Sorority Membership in the FourthYear of College

This article focuses on the effects that fraternity and sororitymembership has on the educational performance of the members. Whereasthere are some people who seem to support the groups and argue thatthey are educational, others are extremely opposed to them suggestingthat they are the reason that students in campuses perform poorly(Michael, 2012). The research or the study that is described in thisresearch does not find any relationship between fraternity and orsorority with educational performance. This is contrary to theprevious findings which linked either poor or good performance to themembership of the fraternity and sorority groups. This researchstates that the previous findings were not plausible since they didnot consider personal traits that students came with to the college(Michael, 2012).

The research conducted was in WabashNational Study of Liberal Arts Education which involved 4193participants. There were follow ups done and there were controlvariables to enhance the credibility of the findings (Michael,2012). The study focused onthe effects of fraternity and sorority groups on fourth yearstudents.

New Evidence on the Effects of Fraternity and Sorority Affiliationduring the First Year of College

This is a study that was conducted in 11 institutions and it wasfound out that the fraternity and sorority groups do not affect theeducational performance on the members. The study found out thatthere was no educational level difference between the members ofthese groups and non-affiliates to these groups (Georgianna, 2011).The study focused mainly on first year students. The findings of thisresearch were different from the previous findings in literaturewhere there are differing views with regard to the effects thesegroups have on student performance. The study involved over 4500students from various institutions. It is imperative to note that theparticipants were awarded with 50 dollars each for participating inthe study (Georgianna, 2011). There were dependent and independentvariables during the study. The findings were well observed andanalysis was done to arrive at the conclusions.


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