The Fleet Management Department


TheFleet Management Department

TheFleet Management Department

TheFleet Management should be considered as on one the top 100 Fleets inNorthern America due to various reasons discussed in the followingsections.


TheCounty’s Fleet Management Department is a good steward of thepublic funds because it provides quality fleet services atcompetitive prices. This shows how the Fleet Management has extendedits accountability services to the clients (the public) other beingresponsible of the assets and human resources only.

Useof Technology and Information

TheFleet Management has significantly invested in valuable informationresources and systems (FMD 2). The Fleet Management has improvedsharing of information by developing information systems that monitorfuel consumption and other Fleet items. The Fleet ManagementDepartment gets the IS services from the Fuel Focus and AssetWorks.These software programs are upgraded annually with the last upgrademade in 2011. Training on how to operate using the information systemwas guided by the AssetWork Project Manager in the same year. TheFleet Management Department is very keen in ensuring employeetraining on technological tools since follow up training followed inthe year 2012. Additionally, the Fleet Management Department hasestablished a good culture where the fleet managers should alwaysremember that “Data Matters” in their day to day operations.


TheFleet Management has recently conducted operational changes in orderto increase the collaboration with the fleet staff. It has allowedopen communication so as to encourage feedback from the fleet staffin operation. Currently, the staff members have adequate access tocomputers and often use the Outlook email account. This hassignificantly improved communication in the Department operations.For the past four years, the Department Directors have beensubmitting Staff Reports on a weekly basis (FMD 4 ). These reportshelp in tracking the progress of the Department events, as well as,employee performance.


TheFleet Management Department has embarked on training the fleet staffon the best industrial practices. These training programmes, whichalso emphasize on use of technological tools in fleet management, arebelieved to enhance creativity and innovativeness of the fleet staff.

Evidenceof a High Trust Culture

Asindicated earlier, has invested inStaff Development. Employee training and development in FleetManagement ensures creation of trust amongst the fleet staff insharing of information. The Weekly Shop Operations Supervisormeetings, for example, are a programme that enhances collaborationbetween the managers and the fleet staff members. The weekly andmonthly Shop operations allow the staff to discuss with the managersabout the everyday operations and issues.


TheFleet Management Department has a variety of Performance ManagementPrograms, which enable the tracking, measuring and rewarding thefleet staff in terms of their performance. For example, since 2009,the Department has used the Accountability Agreements FMD in trackingand measuring how the organizational goals and objectives areachieved after some time (FMD 6). From these assessments, the mostexcellent fleet staff members in all Department areas such as FuelManagement, Risk management or Vehicle Maintenance are rewardedaccordingly.


Asstated earlier, Fleet Management Department is able to providequality services to the clients at competitive prices. Despite therecent economic struggles, the department has retained its culture ofprovide first-class quality fleet services.


Althoughthe department has not invested in individualised plans for employeetraining, the long-range strategies of equipping the fleet staff withgood industrial practices have promoted the overall staffdevelopment.


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