The High Rate of Divorce in the United States of America


TheHigh Rate of Divorce in the United States of America

TheHigh Rate of Divorce in the United States of America

Today,about 50% of the marriages in the United States end up in divorce.This does not surprise many people who feel that life is better todaythan it was fifty years ago. In the past, marriage vows were keptand people lived together for better or for worse. This might havebeen a good thing on one hand and a bad thing on the other. Marriagehas become a form of contract that the parties can get into and outof anytime they feel that they can no longer live together. Peopletoday are more liberal and willing to do anything so long as it makesthem happy, and gives them a piece of mind. There are many factorsthat have contributed to the rising rate of divorce as will bediscussed in this essay.

Itdoes not come as a surprise to say that most marriages end up eitherin divorce or in permanent separation. This is not to mean that thereare no happy marriages that thrive and it is thus important to lookat the factors that in today’s society are likely to bring about adivorce between the couples. The first factor is the young age ofthe couples. When people get into marriage when they are still young,in most cases they end up divorcing. The reason given for this isthat these people are still not yet mature enough to make betterdecisions as well as to handle the challenges that come withmarriage.

Thesecond factor is less education. Research shows that those people whohave gone past the high school level and gotten college training donot divorce as much as those with less education. This means thatwhile going through a system of higher education guarantees anindividual a better job, it forms a foundation for a better marriagetoo.

Thethird factor is that the process of divorce is much easier today thanit was there before. There were many technicalities that couples hadto observe for their divorce petition to go through. Divorcing was acomplicated legal process then. Today, the process is much easier asthere are even no-fault divorces (Coleman, Ganong &amp Warzinik2007) whereby the couple only has to show that there areirreconcilable differences between them and the court will grant themtheir divorce.

Thechanging trends have also resulted in the high rate of divorce. Todaymore women are in stable employment and this has diversified theroles between the two genders. Economic empowerment is one of thefactors that lead to divorce as women have the freedom of choice onwhether to carry a pregnancy or not. Women today can supportthemselves and they do not have to get married for economic stabilityor even stay in unhappy marriages for economic maintenance. This hasled to the rising rate of divorce cases.

Fiftyyears ago, the rate of divorce was lower than it is today, but thequestion one would ask is whether the couples were happy in thosemarriages and whether they enjoyed staying in them. It is better fora person to stay separated from the person who makes life difficultfor them and pursue happiness whenever possible. Marriages today areless stable, nevertheless, they are more satisfying that they werethere before.


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