The “Metropolitan Museum of Art” is a large museum in New York. It


The “Metropolitan Museum of Art” is a large museum in New York.It comprises of more than two million works of art, which makes it anideal place to visit and see the different exhibitions. The museum isinteresting, as it comprises works from antique to contemporaryworks, categorized into their regions of origin. This makes itpossible to identify clearly the disparities in artwork duringdifferent periods, which is a great experience. Eye catching are thedifferent paintings dating from 1800s. Striking is the work by Monet“Haystacks”. The painting is simple, yet so convincing, making iteasy to visualize the haystacks, even for a person that has neverseen them. It is clear that historic painters were talented as theirwork is original and creative. The museum has different departments,which makes the experience of visiting the place exciting and veryeducative. There is a lot to see and one can never get tired ofvisiting the different departments.

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