The Role of Government in the U.S. Health Care System


TheRole of Government in the U.S. Health Care System

TheUS government plays various roles in the health care system. One ofthe major functions includes regulating the industry throughtraining, endorsing and regulating health care providers. Second, thegovernment is a buyer and a fractional health care provider. As ahealth care services customer, the government provides civil servantswith insurance policies through a third party. On the other hand, thegovernment has public hospitals that are equipped with essentialfacilities and qualified staff to address health care needs forpatients. Third, the government controls the quality of healthcareservices citizens receive (Meyer, 2014). For example, the ObamaCarepolicy requires people from a specific financial class to have healthinsurance policy. The intention of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) wasensuring the government that people can receive quality health careservices at a cost they can pay comfortably (Health ConnectionNetwork, 2015).

Inthe United States, health care is a right since the governmentestablished the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) tosubsidize health care costs by making it possible for poor Americansto access quality and affordable health insurance to the low-incomeclass. The objective of subsidizing the medical care cost is ensuringthe service available to the poor population (Tang, Eisenberg &ampMeyer, 2004). The government finances the ACA because it is the rightof all Americans to access quality health care services. According toPresident Obama, ACA is intended for the good of all Americansdespite one’s political affiliation (Kovner, Knickman, &amp Jonas,2011).

Inmy view, the work of the government should be regulating the healthcare industry instead of providing the services. For example, thegovernment should establish policies that determine the quality ofservices in the industry. This includes qualifications of doctors,equipment and training environment, and the treatment cost (Tang,Eisenberg &amp Meyer, 2004). Presently, the government mightcompromise the quality of health care industry since it is astakeholder. In fact, the quality o f health care services are lowerquality compared to the private facilities. In case some peoplecannot afford healthcare services, the government should establish aspecial health care plan that would ensure that such people canaccess medical care at no cost in appropriate facilities (McCanne,2014).


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