To The Human Resource Manager

To:The Human Resource Manager


Requestfor an Intern Allocation to Accounts Department

Theaccounting department is humbled to be part of the running team ofthis great company. The department passes its sincere gratitude forthe support you have continually offered over time to ensure smoothoperations. For this reason, it is the department’s responsibilityto ensure quality at all times this is only guaranteed throughqualified staff in the department who can handle the dynamics thatcome with quality and quantity workloads within the department. Asthings stand now, the department is among the least staffed yet itcontinues to bear the responsibilities assigned to it with utmostpassion.

Asthe head of the accounting department, I feel indebted to ensure thatthe department upholds high standards of work at all times. However,it has come to my attention that two of my major accountants areleaving for maternity leave before the end of year reportcompilation. This has necessitated an urgent replacement so as toensure work continuity. For this reason, I hereby request you toassign the department an accounting major intern, if possible, tohelp relieve some pressure from the limited staffs that are reallyoverloaded with work as you clearly understand the degree of accuracyrequired in the department. With the current financial lag in mind, Ido find this necessary since the department has the desire ofdelivering quality work as a way of fulfilling the objectives of thecompany.

Ipromise to make maximum utilization of the resources allocated to thedepartment for continued quality service to the company. I hope thiswill not compromise the already set plans for the company and I amsure this will not be a source of regret to any party at the end ofit all.

Ilook forward to a positive response.

Thankyou in advance.


Headof Accounting Department