Trinidad and Tobago


Lying at the continental shelf of South America, are Trinidad andTobago a spectacular twin island country at the north coast ofVenezuela and south of Grenada. The two are considered part of theCaribbean with an area of 5128square kms with a population of 1.3mpeople who are a majority of African and Indian descent and othermixed races. The geography of is considered abeautiful contradiction of nature. While Trinidad is made up ofrainforests hills and pristine mangrove swamps in the smoke belchingoil refineries. Tobago is a real description of a Caribbean island.It has plenty of white sand, palm trees, cool waters and is abeautiful site for tourism. The two Islands are a mixture ofmountains and plains with tropical climate that has two seasonsannually. The first half of the year is usually dry while the otherhalf usually is rainy as northeast trade winds predominantly keepblowing.

The two islands were discovered in 1498. The original inhabitants of were Amerindians from South America. In 1530, aSpanish soldier Antonio and his army conquered the island of Trinidadand built a fort. Spain totally conquered all the predecessors andtook over Trinidad. Britain and France possessed Tobago severallybefore giving it to Britain in 1814. became asingle colony in 1889. The two gained their independence from the UKin 1962.The first Prime Minister Eric Williams served from 1956 until1981 (O`Donnell &amp Pefkaros, 2000).

Trinidad and Tabogo have a parliamentary system of government. Sincegaining its independence in 1962, the twin island has undergonethrough massive changes in its governance. The military bases andCumuto have been a profound character in the society since the SecondWorld War. The monarch system was abolished in 1976 into a republicincluded in the commonwealth asserts Australian government (2014). Itretained the judicial committee of Privy Council as its final court.It is a two party system state with a bicarmel system on the westminister system. Electoral process takes place after every fiveyears. Anthony Carmona is the current president while Mrs. KamlaPersad is the current prime minister.

According to the Australian government (2014), isthe sixth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas and the largestexporter to the US accounting for nearly 74% US liquefied gas. Itseconomy is largely based on gas production and offshore oil makingthe country a major financial centre. The national energy policy hascarried out projects to support national development like thetransportation sector. Besides oil and gas, hasone of the most diversified production structures, machinery andsteel. There is almost 4.87% arable farming land where cocoa,coconuts, citrus, coffee, rice, citrus and vegetables are grown.Tourism and yacht service industries are also other major incomeproducing sectors for the sector. export petroland petroleum products, natural gas, steel products, beverages,cereals, coca, sugar, methanol, vegetables and ammonia. They alsoimport mineral fuels, chemicals, transport equipments, manufacturedgoods and live animals. Their major trading partners are Argentina,Gabon, USA, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Colombia, China and Chile(O`Donnell &amp Pefkaros, 2000).

The way of life for people is very interesting.They are friendly yet conservative with a rich culture that neverends. Marriage practices for example differ in terms of class andethnicity. For the blacks and Indians the marriage is bilateral.Women from eastern India are married very early. Marriage offormalized through traditional rights like dowry payment. In somehousehold women head the households mostly Afro Trinidad homes.Inheritance is patrilineal in the upper class and East Indians.Education is important and higher education is greatly emphasized toattain life goals. The religious beliefs of Trinidad and Tabogopeople are Roman Catholic, Hindu and Christians, Anglicans andPentecostal. They keep the Sabbath holy and respect holy days.Religious leaders include priests, Imams and Pundits for Hindu. Theypractice religious duties. Ritual and holy places of worship arerespected for practicing religious duties.

They speak English as the official language but is a multilingual country in the real sense. It has inhabitants whospeak no standard forms of English like the Spanish, French basedCreole and Bhojpri (countries and their culture, 2015). They have arich culture, which exists in their literature, art, dance and music.The carnival is one of Trinidad’s most notable performing arts thatattract numerous tourists every year to the beautiful land.


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