Video analysis Unit



Theclip is an Asian music video of a song about a young girl and a youngboy in a village. Originally done in an Asian language, the videocontains English subtitles that enhance understanding of the song.What is clear from the lyrics is that the song narrates a magicalboy-meets-girl love story in a very beautiful village. Their reservedand distant interaction through eye contact is clear that boy-girlsrelationships are prohibited until a certain age. There is a sense ofpurity in all this setting. The surreal environment with lusciousgreen vegetation and rolling hills capture an unspoilt environmentwhere the people are also unspoilt by civilization and modernity.Without the distractions of modernity, the environment and the peoplehave remained pure with the people retaining their traditions and thevegetation its natural look. The lyrics indicate that the girl longsfor the day of dating very much. Though the young boy and the younggirl clearly love each other, they cannot have what they desire. Thegirl sings “I wished we two could get what we desired” which isto “live together forever.” However, this is only possible on theday of dating.

Thevideo is also keen to portray the attachment and the purity of thetradition and culture of the people. This is achieved through thetraditional dressing for both males and females in the video.Beautiful views and sceneries are also emphasized through differentcamera angles that suggest environmental protection is part of thetradition. Out of respect for the same traditions, the couple hasmanaged to withhold their desires. They choose to meet in a far wayplace away from the village as sign of respect to their elders. Thereis thus a big contrast between the world portrayed in the video andthe modern world where teenagers engage in relationship andpremarital sex and communities destroy natural environments.Therefore, the video blends the ideas of love, tradition and theenvironment amicably well.


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