Video Production Proposal


VideoProduction Proposal

Project What types of plastics can be recycled?


Usually,when it comes to recycling, people have no idea on what plastic isright and wrong hence, great need to clarify. The core message ofthe proposed video is to educate residents what types of plastic canbe used. However, not all products are recyclable even though mostwaste products around can be recycled. Some of these includecardboards, paper products, and food boxes. These products are foundin almost every dustbin. Instead of letting them go to waste, we canrecycle them and not only help in keeping our environment clean, butalso make an extra coin.

Onthe other hand, use of wrong plastic in can contaminate the load,which can lead to its rejection. Some containers also contain toxicwastes, which makes them ineffective for recycling. This is why it isadvisable to check the contents of the plastic before recycling. Inaddition, it is imperative to clean the containers before recyclingfor maximum benefits.

Theissue of recycling and what containers qualify for recycling hasprompted the need of developing a video explaining the same. Thetarget audiences are the residents of Nottingham City, includingstudents and the general households. It will be uploaded in thewebsite and YouTube where audiences can view at any time of theirwill. The video will be stored in several disks and issued to willingbuyers. The disks will also be played in schools, public workshops,and events. The presentation will be brief and will takeapproximately five minutes. It will capture the most relevant detailsusing creative visuals to kill boredom and keep the audiences glued.The language and the style used should be easily understood by thetarget audiences.



Thecontent will focus on the following main ideas:

  • Discuss briefly on the importance of recycling.

  • Explain on the common plastic materials that can be recycled. These materials will be shown clearly in the video.

  • Explain the wrong plastics and items that cannot be recycled.

Thisfootage denotes the importance of recycling in the modern societywhere environment sustainability has become a major concern. Havingthat in mind, many people are still confused on the materials to usefor recycling. This video displays the most common types of materialsfound in the area that can be recycled. The packages of plasticseligible for recycling will be shown clearly in the video with asimple introduction. On the other hand materials that many peopleconfuse to as eligible for recycling will be shown too to avoid morequestions and confusion. To come up with this video, it requiresproper research on the materials that are found everyday in thehouseholds. Once identified as safe for recycling, they will becollected and taken to the studio where filming will take place. Aperson with a great voice will be used to introduce these items oneby one by mentioning their names. This will give the people an ideaof what they can use for recycling.


Thefootage will start by introducing the importance of recycling inenvironment. A narrator will be used to introduce the video in acatchy way. In this case, the environment displayed will be veryclean and beautiful so that audiences can already relate with it.This will be compared with a very dirty environment where recyclingdoes not take place. It will also give them a desire to learn moreabout recycling.

Thiswill be followed by an introduction of some of the most commonplastics that are found in almost every household. The narrator willmention all the types of packaging to indicate what plastics can berecycled. Some of these include pots, trays, food packets etc. Hewill explain to the audiences that it is essential to identify theright plastic to avoid the risk of the recycled material beingrejected. A good tip to note when selecting materials for recyclingis that they should be stretchy. The narrator will clarify that incase material is not recyclable, it should be left neatly near thebin to be collected. An actor will then come with all the containersthat were found useful for recycling in the area. He will put them ina line ensuring that the side with the label focuses on the camera.The narrator will then inform the audience that they are going tolearn about the common plastics that they can use for recycling inthe blue bin.

Theactor will then raise each container and give a brief descriptionabout it. When raising each container, a beep sound will be made toalert the audiences of each introduction. The camera will focusclosely on the items so that the name in the containers is visible tothe audiences. This will ensure that in case a person does not hearthe name of the container package, he or she will have an opportunityto see it. Besides, people are less likely to forget what they see asopposed to what they hear alone. Therefore, the narration should gohand in hand with the visual.

Asmall break will be shown when transiting to the next object. Thisbreak will give audiences some time to grasp the previous contents.The break should have soft background music most preferably with amessage of environmental sustainability.

Afterintroducing the eligible containers, the narrator will then bringforth some commonly mistaken containers for recycling such as sometoys and salad bags. He will insist that these containers should notbe used by repetition. He will also warn the audiences on the dangersof using such containers for recycling.

Beforeending the footage, the actor will demonstrate how to wash thecontainers before putting them in the blue bin. Due to time, thispart will be rushed. Afterwards, the footage will end with somephotos of recycled materials. It will show actors who have donerecycling smiling in a clean environment enjoy its serenity. Somewill be shown receiving cash after selling their products to thewilling buyers. Finally, the narrator will end the footage with acaptivating phrase that will leave audiences more than willing toparticipate in recycling. He will end explain why it is economical torecycle as opposed to using the scarce raw materials to make newitems.


Theoverall video will appeal to people using different video makingstyles. These appeals will be represented in the graphics, bothmoving and static.

Tomeet the objectives of appeal, the video must use high qualitydefinition camera for clarity. The camera should focus on the imagesvery closely so that the audiences can read whatever is written inthem. Close ups will help to emphasize on the products beingpresented by the narrator. It is recommended that the video combinesthe live action production, animation, and motion graphics in orderto appeal to the audience through physical and non physical design.Some slow motions would also be used to emphasize on some points thatrequires clarity.

Theother worthy factor that should be considered in making this video isthe sound effect. There should be a background music that blends withthe message being relayed. It should be soft so as not to bringconfusion in the whole presentation. People or rather actors need tobe used to help bring the message home. Hall (2012) notes that avirtue background maybe created using a computer generated imagerysystem, which will be incorporated with the actors to show thereality of the situation before the end of the footage. Staticlandscape representing the ideal environment free from waste shouldalso be considered when making the video. A virtue world would alsoserve the purpose in the introduction and the end of the videoproduction to make it more like a contemporary video worth watching.


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