VIII. Recommendations and Suggestions

One of the main recommendations to businessorganizations is to use technology in their communication channels.This is because the application of technology on the communicationfunction will definitely introduce change in their organizationalstructure and management designs. This is because technology willreduce the time taken to complete the communication processdetermines the length of the structure in terms of the chain ofcommand. Where communication takes longer to complete, theorganizational structure tends to be longer in terms of having manypeople between the senior and the junior. However, wherecommunication takes shorter, the organizational design is cohesiveand more interactive between departments. However, organizations arerecommended to appropriately determine the level of interaction thatthe management and the subordinates should have.

In a similar way, organizations are recommendedto use technology to influence leadership by promoting humaninteractions. This can be done by adopting technology to bridge thedistance between the employees and the managers. According to Rogersand Allbritton (2012), the technology reduces the distance betweenemployees and the management. The resulting interaction shapes thetype of organizational design and management structure thatorganizations embrace. According to Hellriegel and Slocum (2011),technology makes the communication function of the managementeffective and interactive between the seniors and the juniors.However, organizations are recommended to explore and determine thetype of organizational design and structure that would fit theirorganizational environment.

It is also recommendable that organizations should allow technologyto influence the chain of command and reporting. This is madepossible where management information systems allow employees cancommunicate and share information with other departments and managersdespite other than the immediate supervisors. According to Chen(2007), technology systems make it effective for all employees in anorganization to interact with each other despite the constraints ofthe organizational chain of command. This means that managers at anylevel can communicate directly with juniors at any level whileemployees can communicate with managers at any level.

In terms of the structural adaptations, it ishighly recommended that organizations adopt matrix organizationalstructures through the appropriate adoption of technology. This isbecause the elements of matrix organizational structure and designcan be practiced through the use of appropriate information systemsin any organization. The matrix organizational structures are hybriddesigns where the elements of all the types of organizationalstructures are present (Chen (2007). Dibrell and Miller (2002)recommend that the matrix organizational structure is appropriate forlarge organizations because it involves a combination of productorganizational structure, functional designs, divisional and lineorganizational structures. However, organizations are recommended toresearch the appropriate ways in which they can optimally usetechnology and the extent at which organizations can combinetechnology and organizational structures and designs.

More importantly, it is recommended thatorganizations establish and adapt appropriate information systems torun their operations and management functions. This is because theinformation systems impact on the transparency, accountability andperformance in an organization. Chen (2007) recommends the use ofinformation systems because technology makes it easy and simple foran organization to monitor the actions of all the employees at allorganizational. This is because all the contents of the processes ofan organization are shared between the relevant bodies of anorganization (Dibrell &amp Miller, 2002). As a result of informationtechnology and information systems, management and operations inorganizations will be made effective and efficient.

IX. Conclusion

Technology is an unavoidable factor of themodern business environment that impacts on various aspects of abusiness organization. The impact of technology on the organizationaldesign and structure is significant influence that shapes theoperations of a firm. Technology impacts on the organizational designand structure by determining the communication process in a firmwhich is a core function of the organizational structure. Technologyfurther impacts on the management functions of leading, coordination,staffing and directing which influence the nature of theorganizational structure. In addition, the design and structure of anorganization are impacted by technology through its influence on thepeople, the production processes and the expansion of anorganization. Therefore, technology is embedded in the organizationas a factor that directly impacts on the design and the structure ofan organization.