Walking Under a Paranji The Jadid Approach to Women

WalkingUnder a Paranji: The Jadid Approach to Women

WalkingUnder the Paranji: The Jadid Approach to Women

ZuzanaGiertlova’s topic is “Walking under the Paranji: The JadidApproach to Women”. In this article, Zuzana Giertlova asks: What isbehind the philosophical reasoning for Jadidist support for thewomen’s fight for their rights? To begin with, the subject of womeneducation fully became Jadidist most known argument once the subjectappeared daily on the magazines. Jadidist support came when itstarted writing on women education (Giertlova, 2013). The Jadidsmoved forth to remedy these ills by prescribing changes on educationreforms. At one point, one female Jadidist argued that the womenshould be given priority in education to enable them be bettermothers and partners. Jadidist behind this logical reasoning aimed atusing utilitarian women function to facilitate promotion of theeducation not as a good in or by itself but as a means of raising thefuture generation. As a way to make reforms, the Jadidist resolutioncame in the form of making calls for changes in the political systemthat could eventually in the changes in a number of resolutionsfollowing the Russian Empire fall (Giertlova, 2013).

Mytopic is “Citizen Right in Russia”. Some of the questions fromthe topic are: What does the citizen rights entail to the people ofRussia? How are Russia citizens embracing their rights? What isunique to the citizen’s rights in Russia compared to the rest ofthe world? To begin with, the rights of a Russian citizen entailfreedom of press, freedom of assembly, equality from all works oflife, for example gender, religion, race and freedom of speech.Secondly, Russian citizen are embracing their rights with mixedreactions follow certain laws that threatens to curtail theirfreedom for example, the legal culture that promotes gay lifeviolence. Finally, what stands out in the Russian citizen rights isthe call of duty to serve with a right to choose. The right providesassessment of the meaning and operation of alternative citizenservice through drafting process in the Russian Federation.


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