Weekly Learning Diary


The first four fiction weeks have been important towards ensuringskills development. The skills are important for personaldevelopment. By reflecting what has been learnt through the weeklylearning diary, it becomes possible to learn the progress madetowards ensuring the achievement of the required skills, which arenecessary in meeting personal objectives. The diary reflects onskills acquired all through class during fiction week. There is a lotto learn through fiction, which improves understanding on how one canwork towards ensuring their personal objectives. Everyone has theirown personal objectives in mind however, making the objectivespractical requires relating what we learn to what we want to achieveafter studying.

Activities within the fiction week are highly informative as thereis a lot to learn. Most important are the lessons on makingdecisions, which initially may be uncomfortable and difficult, yet inthe end, resulting in strategies that make it possible to meetpersonal objectives. Sometimes it is necessary to take uncomfortablemeasures if one intends to improve their lives. The measures may befrightening, yet they assist is the discovery of inner strength andcapability. For instance, in the novel The Absolutely True Diaryof a Part-Time Indian, the character has to leave his home toundertake a greater future in a racist white city. The transition isfrightening and undetermined (Alexie&amp Forney, 2009, p.1).However, the character understands that without taking such a risk itmay be impossible to realize their inner strength. This strength isimportant in improving the character’s ability to study and gainpersonal development that meets prospect objectives.

My personal objective involves becoming a human resource directorfor a multinational company in East Africa by 2022. This is along-term objective, which means that there is a lot to learn andexperience prior to meeting my prospect objective. Becoming a humanresource director starts by becoming an individual that can takerisks. Risk taking encourages one to become creativity. On the otherhand, creativity is an important trait in handling people. Thepersonal objective entails having to deal with many people, andmanaging them. Because people have different needs, one has to becreative on how to respond to these needs. Writing fiction stories isan activity that requires one to be innovative. This is because onehas to ponder on the appeal, theme and uniqueness of their writing.It also means thinking ahead on what will happen, for instance whenwriting a story one has to envision its conclusion. The activitiesinvolved in fiction writing improves creativeness, which will be animportant trait in my prospect of becoming a human resource director.

In order to become a human resource director, I have to ensure thatmy studies align with the objective. Hence, my short-term goalsentail getting a job as a HR officer. Prior to becoming, a directorone has to start with as an officer. It is also important to completestudies related to the career. The entire process involves theadvancement of presentation skills. In the fiction week, engaging infiction writing also involves presenting what one has written hence,becoming active in tasks that relate to presentations. Presentationmeans that one has to prepare for what they will read to other. Ifthe fiction activity involves writing a poem, one has to be ready topresent the poem in a manner that engages listeners. Presentationimproves HR skills, which are part of my prospect career. Bycontinuously presenting during fiction week, it has been possible tolearn how to convince others into believing what one is presenting.In the same way, the skill is required in becoming HR personnel.Thus, it improves personal development towards meeting futureobjectives.

Another important skill is time management. I aim at developing mytime management skills through regular practice of the skill.Everyone thinks that time management should come naturally. However,there are numerous instances when people fail in managing timewithout even realizing. If one sets, time to complete a task and doesnot do to within the set time that resonates to poor time management,handing in assignment late, and not meeting group-work members intime. Though such tasks may seem less serious, they are part ofensuring that one improves time management skills. In creativewriting, one ought to be able to invent an original piece, composeand present it in time. These activities improve the ability tocomplete tasks in time, while at the same time ensuring that onefollows instructions. The skill of writing supports time management,which is a great experience.

There are many more skills supported during the fiction week, whichare part of my personal objective plan. These include ensuringprofessionalism, dedication, working hard and becoming proactive.During the fiction weeks, the activities engage one in levels ofprofessionalism as one has to make certain that they complete allassigned tasks and according to given instructions. It is one thingto complete assigned tasks and another to ensure they meet theinstructions. This sets apart people that merely engage in work tocomplete the task and those that ensure accurateness in their work.Professionalism means that tasks are error free because one takestime to review what they have done. Activities in fiction weekentailed the review of work done, which has ensured that I improve myskills in professionalism. I know understand the significance ofreviewing work that I have done. The skill will be helpful inprospect as a HR professional where professionalism is necessary.

Fiction week’s activities instill the need to become dedicated inwhat one does. This is because without dedication it is impossible toachieve. Dedication means that one is ready to persevere towardsachieving specific objectives. For instance, studying is not easy andno one likes having to do many assignments and examinations. Thepressure is too much and is worsened by the fact that one ought toexcel. However, due to the dedication to complete maybe a degree ordiploma, or course, one dedicates their efforts to studying. When oneis dedicated they do not just see the tasks as something they oughtto do, but as something that will be of great significance inprospect. Learning how to become dedicated has been an importantexperience. Building my career as a HR director, means putting extrahours in what I will be doing, as I focus on my prospect development.Knowing that it is not easy to remain focused on achieving what oneintends. However, through different activities the skills andexperiences improve making it easier to focus on current and prospectpersonal development.


Alexie, S., &amp Forney, E.(2009).&nbspTheabsolutely true diary of a part-time Indian.New York: Little,Brown and Co.