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Somequestions in Zhivago`sChildrendeserve further clarification. Examples are:

Whydid Victor LLyian attempt to assassinate Leonard Brezhnev?

Whywas this revolution known as a “quiet revolution”?

Whywere the people who had studied the writings of Mars and Leninlooking for a magical formula?

Whydid they stop searching after the Prague spring?

Whatcould have affected the search during the Prague spring?


Activismin Russia


Zubok,Vladislav. Zhivago’schildren: the last Russian Intelligentsia.Cambridge, Ma: The Belknap Press of Harvard UP, 2009.

“TheEuphoria was short lived. The movement, isolated from the broaderintellectual circles in Moscow, and Russia as a whole, dwindledrapidly. The KGB retaliated by arresting activists in the Helsinkiwatch groups.”


VladislavZubok is an international history professor who has great expertiseon, cold war, Stalinism and Russia’s Intellectual history. He wasborn and educated in Moscow. He took his undergraduate degree inMoscow State University and studied for his PhD in U.S.A.

TheMystic and Social Action of Cesar Chavez

Theabove title refers Cesar Chavez as an activist as well as anintelligentsia. This topic is important because it helps inunderstanding the concept of intelligentsia and activism in CesarChavez. I have read books such as Latino Religious and Civic Activismin the United States, edited by Gaston Espinosa, Virgilio P., &ampJesseMiranda and published by Oxford University Press, 2005. I have alsoread journals that define activists and intelligentsia people. Fromthem, I have obtained the following definitions.

Intelligentsiain Latin means intelligent. This word originated from Russia.Intelligentsia is a term used to refer to people who are mentallyprofessional. These people are complex in their developmental waysand in their culture. Intelligentsias have excelled in their studies,which is the reason why they are able to entertain people throughacting. From the above characteristics of an intelligentsia, it iseasy to understand that activist Cesar was intelligent. Cesar Chavezwas a social activist and the most celebrated Latino in America. Hewas actually the origin of the word intelligentsia.

Themost interesting concepts of Cesar’s activist and intelligentsiaare that his activism was obtained from his personal spirituality andnot his secular state. His encounters with God as he was fasting arealso interesting. His myths acted as a foundation and direction thatcontrolled his responsibilities of social reform. This was hismission. He was intelligent to understand that his activism would bestrengthened by fasting. Through these practices, he obtained thetitle Intelligentsia and Chicano activist. Despite the emergence ofmany activists, Cesar remains strongly supported by his Latinocatholic heritage.

Thelessons learnt from Chavez story reveal that mystic reformers hadmajor experiences with God and acquired various visions of humanity.From Chavez experiences, we learn that activist obtain their powersfrom gods.

Chavezis not only an activist but he is uniquely social. Through this,activists are supposed to balance their activist and intelligentnature to avoid misguiding the population that may decide to followthem. Their concentration should also be controlled to protect themfrom confusing their mysticism and their acting nature. The mostinteresting thing about intelligentsias is that other people forgetthat they eat and shelter from cold and harm. People, therefore, donot consider exchanging their knowledge with capital.


Zubok,V. (2009). Zhivago’schildren: the last Russian intelligentsia.Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard UP.