“What a Great Semester”


“Whata Great Semester”

“Whata Great Semester”

Delightand happiness as we come to the end of the semester, “thank God thesemester has ended”, that is the phrase going round. Joy feels theheart as finally we come to the end of the semester, whichis notan easy task. Greatness and gratitude go to God for his goodness thathe has granted both good and bad times in school. Though it hasended, this was a semester that i learnt a lot in writing and evenpersonal development.

Thesemester began with a series of writing of different types and somepoint we had to use different resources to accomplish the task athand. The first lesson I learned before I started writing was how towrite, we were give a process which directs us on how to write, thisaccompanied by how the work should be formatted and organized(Keating, 2010).

Accordingto the material and lesson taught in class there are types of essays.These are narrative essay which employed when reporting anincident or an event, telling a story or describing an event whichtook place and it is the most used in journalistic writing. Thesecond type is a persuasive essay, where the person writing tries toconvince or persuade the reader to support or agree with an opinion.In addition, the writer gives the essay’s topic organizationstructure concisely and clearly, then clarifies and emphasizes thetopic’s importance by briefly mentioning the recent publication orcurrent events, for instance, what made the writer discuss the topic.The third and the last essay we learnt was expository essay, whichdeals with explanation of a natural process or technologicaladvancement. For example, it deals with explanation of the flower’spollination process or a contrast of two related subjects and or evenhistorical events (John, 2009).

Inthis semester, I learnt the importance of the audience when writingan essay. The audience are the people you are intending to read theessay. The essay should be of great influence and capturing to theaudience. I also learnt that any essay should have a purpose. Thereason for writing and it should be more informative and educational.We did three essays of which two I passed highly, and one is yet tobe marked.

Inthis semester, I have gained tremendously important lifelong skill onhow to write essays. The skills will help me in my next course ofstudy and much more in future years. The course has taught me waysthrough the writing and how I can make my writing better. What I needto have and do in order to have a better essay. This semester denotesa lot to me, the tutor always encouraged on trying but sometimes Isaw it as a waste of time and resources. There were ups and downwithin the course, but I have successfully completed it.

Inconclusion, this semester has been the most challenging but extremelyeducative to me. I have learnt the types of the essay from narrativeto expository and persuasive essays. The need to have a purpose towrite and why audience need to be considered while writing an essay.I also learnt that to improve in writing, a person only needs adevoted and ready to learn mind, understanding the concept takesanother part, and practice takes the largest portion.


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