What is an American?

Whatis an American?

Whatis an American?

Accordingto Crevecoeur, an American is a person that toils and bleeds, inorder to prosper using his own efforts. He does not wait for donorsto provide for him. In America, you likely to get less idle people ascompared to Europe. According to Crevecoeur American’s do not toilfor the superiors or demigods, but equal people of one race workingtowards one goal. America is the perfect society the freedom enjoyedhere is felt even by the poor with no restriction of movement andexpressing of views. American can be seen through the eyes ofCrevecoeur as a perfect society where all basic human rights areenjoyed by all citizens regardless of race and color. He further saysthat Americans enjoy the recreational activities put in place by thegovernment. Rarely will you see inland nations coming to America toenjoy the shores and lakes. The terrains of the shores and greatlakes of America are well known to them more than the Europeans andthe rest of the world. The adventurous nature of Americas is sharplyfocused by Crevecoeur in the sense that all shores and recreationalplaces are occupied by Americans mostly and not the inlands(Crevecoeur, 2007).

Thehistory of Americans can be traced back to a mixture of races of: English, scotch, Irish, French, Dutch,Germans and Swedes these breeds intermarried and formed Americans.Although Americans are bred from different races, an American israised not to see the differences in color and race but see therichness brought by these people to America. The richness brought bythe inlands in America made their settlement in the new land easy andit also shaped the economy of the Americas. Crevecoeur depicts theAmericans as family people this is seen where foreigners from Europeand other parts of the continent came to America and warm welcome wasgiven to them. The green fields, rivers and mountains were given as areward to the hardworking, honest and sober inlands. The Europeanswho portrayed good behavior got their independence easily compared tothose who were uncooperative. These kinds of acts as explained byCrevecoeur portray Americans as loving and caring people.

Crevecoeurdepicts Americans as people who love their county and toil to see theeconomy of the county go up. The same case applies to Europeans thatoccupied America and became citizens of America and adapted easily tohard work. Americans ought to love their county more than thegreat-grandfathers by working selflessly in industries and othersectors to prove their love to the great county as well as improveits economy .The article depicts an Americas as innovative andaccommodative people who are ready for new ideas, opinions andcriticism to enable them prosper. They shun the negative andunproductive principles like idleness, useless labor and dependence.The American new man believes in hard work persistence and prosperityof the perfect America.

TheUnited States of America has no definite culture because itsoccupants come from different regions but, a dominant culture thatis shared by most Americas is found in areas where white populationis high. The article creates a clear picture of the “new man” asseen from the eyes of Crevecoeur as individualistic, self reliant,industrious and a man free to pursue his aspirations and goals. Itclearly depicts the reflections and aspirations of the European-bornAmericans.


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