Wk2 Leadership Practicum Apply Change Theory to the Proposed Change


Wk2Leadership Practicum: Apply Change Theory to the Proposed Change

Theenvironment of healthcare is constantly changing for the better andhealth practitioners are making immense strides in order to meet theemerging health care demands (Kelly, 2013). The introduction ofelectronic medical records (EMR) has significant advantages tonursing and the entire health care system. The use of EMR has anadvantage in that it tends to reduce errors that may be made byhumans this may help in achieving efficiencies in the health caresystem (Skolnik,2011). The aim of this paper is to apply change theory to the use ofEMR for a health agency and determine whether there is consistencyamid the use of EMR and the vision/mission/values/strategic plan forthe agency.

Thechange theory that would be used as a framework for the proposedchange of using of EMR is Lewin’s change theory. This theory hasbeen considered because it provides a structured approach, which iscritical in helping nurses identify why the change is needed, helpthem navigate through the process of change, and assist them inachieving the desired outcome or goal (Ziegler,2005). Besides, this theory was chosen because the healthcare agencydesires to have this proposed change in order to meet health caredemands that are ongoing.

Thereis consistency amid the use of EMR and the mission, vision, andvalues of the agency. This is because the use of EMR will help theagency in providing services efficiently without errors (Iyeret al., 2006), which would guarantee quality services from theagency. By the agency attaining efficiency with the use of EMR, itwill have aligned with the EMR and the mission, vision, and values ofthe agency since it would fulfill its values, mission, and vision.


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