Workplace Discussion




Tomanage change in the workplace, it is imperative to understand thecauses of the change and the expected circumstances in theenvironment. According to Evans(2013), the next decade will experience significant changes in humandynamics that will significantly affect workplace environment.Therefore,the first step I would implement is to carry out is a consistentresearch in order to determine the expected change and how it willaffect workplace environment. The discovery of the research willinform my hiring of the right people and employment of the righttechnology that will make the workplace environment more relevant andresponsive to the changes.

Anexample of such a navigation of change was during my internship atone of the medium size companies dealing with retail. I was facedwith a task of maintaining files at my supervisor’s office. Theirfiling system was manual because they had not automated theiroperations. However, the environment changed due to the large numberof customer files. Therefore, I suggested using a spreadsheet file tokeep the register of customer and the number of the file relating tothe customer. The plan worked and it made finding a file easy at thecompany office. Other than hiring a clerk for that, the supervisordoes the filing, even after I left the office.

Oneof the ways I would analyze the behavior of people at the workplaceis through observation. As learnt in the course, the best way ofunderstanding human behavior is through their actions and decisions(Griffin &amp Moorhead, 2011). Therefore, the second way is toanalyze the action decision and actions against the company policies,vision and mission. Moreover, I would motivate employees to achieveorganizational objectives through financial and non-financialcomponents of the workplace environment.


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